Climate Change Debate:Tips To Be Environmentally Friendly by Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers

With the drought going on in California (the worst one in over 400 years) , flooding in the UK, snow storms in several states, the great lakes being frozen for the first time in 20 years, even the Philippines typhoon that happened a few months ago, and much more “crazy weather” things going on right now, I decided to make a video on super easy things we can all do and incorporate into our lifestyles to create a better world. 🙂 There’s climate change going on and we ALL have to do these little things to help things get better. Every day you wake up and live your life you are either helping the earth or destroying it, so which will you choose? California’s drought doesn’t just affect Californians or Americans, it affects the whole world since farmers distribute their crops to other countries. Let’s do this!!
Oh and here are some links but don’t stop at just the links I provide, keep researching and most importantly TAKE ACTION!!………………

I love you all and I love this earth that we are all apart of.

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It’s simple and clear that we need to start doing something, I say this so many times regarding different situations but YOU CAN’T KEEP DOING THE SAME THING AND EXPECT A DIFFERENT RESULT.. that’s insanity.. if we all start making little changes we can make a big difference in the environment and the world.
xoxo Jessie Rogers P.S feel free to leave some your own tips and tricks in the comment section!



Rainstorm unleashes mud, damages downtown L.A. street

Forecasters predict the storm will have dropped nearly 6 inches on downtown L.A. — and more in the mountains — by the time it moves on.,0,3128234.story#ixzz2unLneYpr



By Cindy ChangMarch 1, 2014, 8:22 p.m.

Saturday was a wet day in Southern California, but rainfall totals were lower than the 2 inches or more seen in some locations on Friday.

flash flood watch remains in effect until 9 p.m. Saturday and a high surf advisory until 5 p.m. Sunday.

Here’s a sampling of rainfall totals throughout the region for the 24-hour period ending 7 p.m. Saturday:

Alhambra 0.85 inches
Beverly Hills 0.72 inches
Costa Mesa 0.56 inches
Downtown Los Angeles 0.83 inches
Fullerton 0.59 inches
Hollywood Reservoir 1.62 inches
John Wayne Airport 0.55 inches
Lancaster 0.25 inches
Long Beach 0.25 inches
Ontario 1.02 inches
San Gabriel Dam 2.23 inches
Santa Ana 0.34 inches
Santa Monica 0.81 inches
Simi Valley 1.50 inches
Soledad Canyon 1.12 inches
Thousand Oaks 1.07 inches

Cambio climático eee

Cambio climático eee



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