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Jessie Rogers


Hello, I am Jessie Rogers and this is my official web page. I am 20 years old and I have a passion for health, fitness, nature and reading. I love helping people out and giving advice wherever my thoughts are welcome. I also love communicating with my loyal fans who have been supporting me! Oh and I also like to play League of Legends and CoD in my free time. Just keep scrolling down if you want to read some of my blog posts, look at my galleries and check some of my videos out 🙂 If you haven’t done so already click on the social media links above and follow me on twitter, YouTube and all that other good stuff! <3

La verdadera razón por la que dejé de hacer películas para adultos a los 19 años

Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers

This isn’t exactly my favorite subject to talk about since when I let go of something I don’t look back but I do have to be considerate of the people that don’t know the real me and have only heard rumors about me. I would just like to start off and say that I did not quit doing adult films because I caught herpes, since majority of adult performers have herpes and getting tested for it is not a requirement to work, I would’ve fit right in with them having caught that infection on an adult film set.  In August 2012 I had a very frightening, near death  experience with someone in the adult industry which I won’t get into much detail about since it’s  a bad memory, that experience was just the beginning of what led me to begin to value myself as a human being. I realized not only how precious my life and my body is but how precious my time is. Why would I waste so much time doing something that is not only harming myself but is also potentially harming others and even in some cases (which i’ve gotten e-mails about) breaking up families. It didn’t make sense at all to me to continue to do that, so I decided to take a vacation for a month to see my family in Brazil and to clear my head. Shortly before I left to go to Brazil I found out about the syphilis outbreak in the adult industry, that right there was a deal breaker for me and made my decision making a lot easier. When I got back from Brazil in October I went to my old agent and told him I was quitting but as courtesy to companies I would finish up shoots that had already been booked. Since I got booked so far in advance, my last shoot was booked for December 2012 and what happened in between then was just icing on the cake for me to see the true colors of the adult industry. In November was when I attempted to do a girl/girl scene but instead got injured and infected by the girl who was using her own toy in me on an adult film set.

Since I quit, the adult industry has only been getting worse just as I predicted. There was a hepatitis outbreak last month and a HIV outbreak a few weeks ago. Not to mention, the numerous text messages and calls I get from girls that are still in that industry that want to get out so badly. I understand them and it’s a difficult situation to be in, which is why I was advocating for condoms in porn. I mean, i’m not in porn, and there’s no way in hell i’m going back, so being an advocate for something like that,  which I get absolutely nothing out of except  to see other performers safe and healthy, which as a humanitarian, will make me very happy.The difference with me today and who I was a year ago are two  completely different people and I don’t think anyone should ever be held accountable for their past. We are all human beings and we all deserve a second chance at life no matter how many times we fall.  In all honesty, I have friends in college that have made the same bad choices that I have, just because mine were public does not make the actions any worse. Yes my choice of doing in porn is something I could never take back, since the content will forever be on the internet but that girl in those adult videos is not the same girl living today.
 Another reason why I quit is because I just got so sick  of being portrayed as a sexual object and frankly, i’m tired of people portraying girls in general as sexual objects or just pretty things to be looked at. We (girls too) minimize and even dehumanize the way women are suppose to be treated sometimes. When you were a kid and someone told you, you played a certain sport like a girl, you would take that as an offense right? Because that’s what were taught, men are suppose to be tough, strong and dominant. You never see male porn stars getting hated on because of their job choice, right? It’s always the women that are called sluts and are degraded not only by the film but by the public.  Even in high school, if a guy has sex with 5 girls he gets praised but if a girl has sex with one guy, she gets disrespected and called a slut for the rest of the year. Society shouldn’t be this way, and I had a strange realization that porn plays a big role in how society depicts women, so I just cannot take part in that anymore. Even after quitting porn I’ve got offered gigs to do topless modeling and signings to sign nude photos of myself and I’ve turned down every..single.. one.. That’s not me anymore, I don’t need to get naked or take my top off to get attention or to make money nor will I ever do that again. Plus, I don’t want young girls to get some kind of message that the only way they are going to be successful in life is to show off their bodies, because that’s what I thought when i was in high school and it’s definitely not the case! I mean we don’t need anymore Miley Cyrus’ walking around on this earth right? lol
Some people say that change doesn’t begin until your life is put at risk, but even then, some people still don’t change after their life is put at risk lol. All I can say is that i am very lucky! Lucky to be alive and healthy and to have been able to wake up out of my sheepish, immature thinking to have been able to blossom into a real woman that I am becoming. I wasted a year living a self destructive but yet selfish life but I’m still only 20 years old and now I want to bring as much good to this world as possible! I have faith that everyone creates their destiny, no one should ever be stuck in a situation, like the old saying goes ” watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”  ❤
xoxo Jessie

The Twitch Babysitter

Jessie Rogers (born August 8, 1993) is a Brazilian Internet celebrity and former ex pornographic actress.[4]
Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers “El Cuerpo”

Curiosa crítica de Jessie que no comparto, tu conversión es un tanto exagerada, Jessie.

Miley Cyrus– Adore You- My Thoughts On Miley- Jessie Rogers

Nope this isn’t another Miley Cyrus Parody.. Just a rant video of Jessie Rogers speaking her thoughts on Miley.

So as I stated in the video, I am not dissing Miley Cyrus’ actions in itself, I am simply stating that if she is going to rebel and go wild, she shouldn’t be dragging her fans down with her. I’m obviously in no place to judge, Miley is an adult, she can do what she wants but she needs to realize that her actions are influencing kids and teens and not in a good way…

Fun Facts

Portrayal of Women – How to impress a guy – Girl insecurities – love yo

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@Carolina_Abril_ by Stephen Roissy

@Carolina_Abril_ by Stephen Roissy

Carolina Abril by Stephen Roissy

Carolina Abril by Stephen Roissy



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  1. Hey Jessie, you probably have gotten to his a lot, but I found you leaving and moving away from what I assumed was a shady, but not nearly as bad as reality, industry.

    I adore your videos, I mean, as a fan. But I was sickened to hear about the things that happened to you, no one deserves I humane treatment, and I wanted to here maybe some more information about who almost killed you, because having friends in low places doesn’t mean that we don’t have high moral standards.

    Being completely honest, I’m probably not going to delete what I have of you in a personal collection, please take it as a disrespect, but you’ve been my favorite star for a while, and with this move to make the world a better place, you always will be.


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