Grey Goose feat. Celebrity Photographer Ellen von Unwerth //



Celebrated international fashion and beauty photographer Ellen Von Unwerth has designed a unique portable cocktail bar for auction at the GREY GOOSE Winter Ball to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Ellen’s bar is one of three created by character partners for the Winter Ball and is designed to reflect her own personality and taste. Acclaimed fashion designer Gareth Pugh and world-renowned designer Karim Rashid have also been invited to design portable cocktail bars.

Like much of her work, Ellen’s designee is inspired by the female form and references 1920’s French cabaret. Dramatic and intense, rich gold and burnished orange shades are used. It is watched over on either side by two angel-like figures wearing beautiful wings and revealing outfits.

In addition to her bar design, Ellen has also created a bespoke cocktail to be served on the night, the GREY GOOSE Golden Angel. It is given a distinctive twist with a rare Pyrenean herb liqueur and a sprinkling of gold leaf.


– 35ml GREY GOOSE L’Orange
– 5ml Green Chartreuse
– 15ml French liqueur de coscoll
– 25ml pink grapefruit juice
– 60ml French apricot juice

Glass: Rocks
Method: Shake and strain over cubed ice
Garnish: A gold straw and fresh apricot sprinkled with gold dust

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