Raffoul – Tears Over Palestine (Official Video) دموع على فلسطين – رفول #Message to the USA rappers.

Raffoul – Tears Over Palestine (Official Video) دموع على فلسطين – رفول

Message to the USA rappers.

This is Raffoul, is an example for all of you rappers devil nihilists. LEARM, ADQUIRE & PICK UP

dear USA rappers: Donate money for Syrian children:




Website: https://www.raffoul.com

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/raffoulofficial

Instagram: @raffoulofficial

Media Inquiries: raffoulofficial@gmail.com

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tea…

The name “Tears over Palestine” is derived from the notion of Gods bereavement over the suffering of the Palestinian people as a result of Israeli Apartheid. It is a cry for the world to wake up to the Palestinian plea for help and say NO to Israel’s barbarous acts. 

The lyrics of the song illustrate the struggles of the Palestinian people due to the torture of Israeli occupation and genocide. It speaks of the pain that never fades in the life of every Palestinian. It speaks of broken and stolen homes as a result of the ongoing violence. It speaks stories of losing loved ones and psychological damage that comes with that. Also vividly addresses many forms of torture tools Israel uses against innocent Palestinians on a daily basis, continuously violating every form of human rights law. 

The location of the video takes place in Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, Palestine. During the video, Israeli soldiers began teargasing Palestinian children [observed in the video], dropping noise bombs, and firing rubber bullets — a daily occurrence in Aida Refugee Camp. In that camp, tear gas became immersed with the oxygen, and the dwellers of Aida have become numb to it and other forms of assaults. During the filming we had to stop various times as a result of the soldier’s firing tear gas and noise bombs at us. One of the tear gas bombs landed on my foot and another on the camera man. Choking, we kept on going with the video. These actions of the soldiers in the video depict some of the many painful realities the song addresses. It is the first music video that shows the violence it speaks of live, though on a minor level as compared to reality.

Contact info: raffoulofficial@gmail.com or yazeed@beatsnation.net




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