‘Last night at the Viper Room’ 8852 RIVER PHOENIX by Gavin Edwards and #music

The exterior of The Viper Room the day after the death of actor River Phoenix. Fans have left flowers, candles and notes at the spot where he collapsed on November 1, 1993 in Los Angeles, California.
In Last Night at the Viper Room, acclaimed author and journalist Gavin Edwards vividly recounts the life and tragic death of acclaimed actor River Phoenix—a teen idol on the fast track to Hollywood royalty who died of a drug overdose in front of West Hollywood’s storied club, the Viper Room, at the age of 23.
Last Night at the Viper Room explores the young star’s life, including his childhood in Venezuela growing up under the aegis of the cultish Children of God. Putting him at the center of a new generation of leading men emerging in the early 1990s— including Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage, and Leonardo DiCaprio—Gavin Edwards traces the Academy Award nominee’s meteoric rise, couches him in an examination of the 1990s, and illuminates his lasting legacy on Hollywood and popular culture itself.
Book Description
Hollywood was built on beautiful and complicated matinee idols: James Dean and Marlon Brando are classic examples, but in the 1990s, the actor who embodied that archetype was River Phoenix. As the brightly colored 1980s wound down, a new crew of leading men began to appear on movie screens. Hailed for their acting prowess and admired for choosing meaty roles, actors such as Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, Keanu Reeves, and Brad Pitt were soon rocketing toward stardom while an unknown Leonardo DiCaprio prepared to make his acting debut. River Phoenix, however, stood in front of the pack. Blessed with natural talent and fueled by integrity, Phoenix was admired by his peers and adored by his fans. More than just a pinup on teenage girls’ walls, Phoenix was also a fervent defender of the environment and a vocal proponent of a vegan lifestyle—well on his way to becoming a symbol of his generation. At age eighteen, he received his first Oscar nomination. But behind his beautiful public face, there was a young man who had been raised in a cult by nonconformist parents, who was burdened with supporting his family from a young age, and who eventually succumbed to addiction, escaping into a maelstrom of drink and drugs.
And then he was gone. After a dozen films, including Stand by Me and My Own Private Idaho, and with a seemingly limitless future, River Phoenix died of a drug overdose. He was twenty-three years old.
In Last Night at the Viper Room, bestselling author and journalist Gavin Edwards toggles between the tragic events at the Viper Room in West Hollywood on Halloween 1993 and the story of an extraordinary life. Last Night at the Viper Roomis part biography, part cultural history of the 1990s, and part celebration of River Phoenix, a Hollywood icon gone too soon. Full of interviews from his fellow actors, directors, friends, and family, Last Night at the Viper Room shows the role he played in creating the place of the actor in our modern culture and the impact his work still makes today.

River Phoenix and sister Rain Phoenix attend PETA’s “Rock Against Fur” Concert on February 19, 1989.

Barb Wire Dolls @ the Viper Room,West Hollywood




Ver mapa más grande



River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho


En la época de Mi Private Idaho

Cuando el diseñador y vendedor de ropa  Danny Fried inaguró el  China Club con su socio y ex policia Michael Barrett nunca imaginaron el nicho que lograrían.
China Club abrió sus puertas en 1985 y en un solo año ya era el lugar preferido de los artistas así como las fiestas despúes de los estrenos de las obras de Broadway.
Los productores discográficos, de Broadway, managers, agentes de Hollywood fueron los primeros en hacerse socios, esa fue una de las claves, donde hay agentes hay artistas discutiendo negocios con ellos con unos tragos y chicas bonitas; el hecho que no entraba cualquiera al China Club lo mitificó en muy poco tiempo.
 La famosa tarjeta para entrar al China Club 
Saludos River, donde quiera que habites seguro que estás en paz. Que Dios te bendiga.



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