Familiar Strangers by Amanda Dandeneau #Art #Photography

“My Portraits are more about me then the people I photograph” Richard Avedon

In these portraits of my friends, I am searching for traces of my own feelings and experiences, within my third party subjects. It is this act of exposing oneself and feeling exposed that most interests me. I am putting my subjects in the same state of vulnerability that I may feel at that very moment. There is an awkwardness that comes with the feeling of being revealed, either by being fully nude, partially, or just simply by having being the focus of the piece. I am searching to expose and understand the relationship between time, space, and subject.

As such, these portraits take on attributes of self-portraits rather than third-party portraits. I begin to confront myself by gaining control over the images that I make, practically making an imprint of myself within them. I observe other people’s discomfort/comfort in a state of partial or total nudity,, as a way to confront my own insecurity about revealing myself, physically and emotionally.


Amanda Dandeneau (b.1987) grew up in Long Island, New York. She received her BFA in

Photography with a Concentration in Art History from the Rhode Island School of Design

in 2009 and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Amanda’s photographs have been shown in New York, Chicago, Rhode Island, and

Louisiana. She has also been published in American Photography 25.

“identity sucks” interview with Amanda Dandeneau (Photographer) from worldidentitylab on Vimeo.

“identity sucks” interview with Amanda Dandeneau (Photographer)

Photos by Amanda Dandaneau

Photos by Amanda Dandaneau

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Amanda Dandaneau Work

Amanda Dandaneau Work

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