Amina calls Tunis for antiislamists revolution! #freeamina #femen

Facebook removed the last photo of Amina which is calling for a new revolution in Tunisia “WE DON”T NEED YOUR DEMOCRACY”. The reason for the removal of photo-action of Amina was the critical number of complaints against the photo. Also Facebook blocks any attempt to re-upload a photo of Amina. FEMEN accuses the Islamist regime of Larayedh in planned online campaigns against the revolutionary call, expressed in photography FEMEN Tunisia and Facebook of censorship and mechanical approach to the charges. We want to remind you that the online resources of the international movement FEMEN have repeatedly been subjected to hacker attacks from the territory of Tunisia and Algeria.


An activist of FEMEN Tunisia Amina expresses her message with her topless photo-protest. Amina says: ” We dont need your democracy”. Amina is protesting against fake Islamist model of “democracy”, implemented by the Tunisian authorities. Amina calls for real revolution!


Amina is free!

Tunisian FEMEN activist Amina was liberated from jail until her next trial.
Amina spent 2.5 month in Tunisian jail for tagging the word “FEMEN” on the wall in Kairouan, Tunisia.

First Skype talk of Amina and Inna Afrer liberation.


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