Helena Christensen for Futureclaw Magazine by Gregory Derkenne

Futureclaw Magazine photographer Gregory Derkenne captured some amazing images of the 44-year-old Danish supermodel Helena Christensen. The story was shot at Helena’s apartment in NYC where she was wearing vintage lingerie and intimates. Gianni Versace once described Helena as having one of the greatest bodies in the world, and judging by this latest set of alluring images, we agree. What do you think?



Helena-Christensen-for-Futureclaw-Magazine-by-Gregory-Derkenne-02 Helena-Christensen-for-Futureclaw-Magazine-by-Gregory-Derkenne-03 Helena-Christensen-for-Futureclaw-Magazine-by-Gregory-Derkenne-04 Helena-Christensen-for-Futureclaw-Magazine-by-Gregory-Derkenne-05 Helena-Christensen-for-Futureclaw-Magazine-by-Gregory-Derkenne-06 Helena-Christensen-for-Futureclaw-Magazine-by-Gregory-Derkenne-07 Helena-Christensen-for-Futureclaw-Magazine-by-Gregory-Derkenne-08 Helena-Christensen-for-Futureclaw-Magazine-by-Gregory-Derkenne-09

Helena Christensen for FutureClaw Magazine

Gregory Derkenne shoots Danish supermodel Helena Christensen at her New York apartment for a risqué editorial in the new issue of FutureClaw Magazine.

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