Girls are strange people. Really.

When you are a little boy, then there are three essential things you always think about. What’s between the legs of a girl. Why do girls have breasts. And what are girls doing the whole day long. Do they really sit in their pink room every afternoon? Do they really play with their cuddly little ponies? And do they really lie on the floor half naked and look at rainbows, while they put junk jewelry onto their extremities? The answer is quite simple: Yes! By totally secretly observing the 21-year-old Swede Arvida ByströmValerie Phillips provides us with her photo series “Meow” with some kind of powerful visual evidence. Girls are strange people. Really.

 Valerie_Phillips_Arvida_Bystrom Photos

Valerie_Phillips_Arvida_Bystrom Photos

valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_02 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_03 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_04 (1) valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_05 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_06 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_07 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_08 (1) valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_10 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_11 (1) valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_12 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_13 (1) valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_14 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_15 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_16 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_17 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_18 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_19 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_20 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_21 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_22 valerie_phillips_arvida_bystrom_meow_23

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