Naked Women Hate Barbie


We all know that Barbie is like a plastic-wrapped Hitler for feminists around the world. She’s blonde, has big tits, acts like a housewife all the time. Hobbies: Cruising around the country in a camper, cuddle with cute puppies and make Ken some pancakes when he realizes again, that he has quite nothing between his legs.

No wonder that a bunch of Mattel haters disturbed the opening of “The Dreamhouse Experience”, a Barbie paradise for little girls and different boys, at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin with loud protests and hateful signs. A few people more and they would have burned the place down. For real.

An open-hearted activist of the Ukrainian group Femen precautionary ripped her clothes off and torched an on a wooden cross nailed Barbie doll. I really don’t know, what traumatizes little kids more: A pink busty star in a dream house – or that!

BARBIE burning

BARBIE burning

femen_barbie_04 femen_barbie_05


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