Photographer David Sims


london: bowievirus

© david sims

it’s the year of david bowie, well…sort of. and the institute of contemporary art in london pitches in with an exhibition of its own. in october of last year, british men’s fashion read arena homme plus hit the newsstands declaring bowievirus, with an iconic cover image created by david sims. it was a montage of rock ’n’roll star vince taylor, a fashion model, and what appeared to be david bowie himself. within the pages of the magazine, artists and photographers referenced, reworked and recontextualised the star, reigniting bowie’s multi-faceted persona for a new audience. a selection of works from the magazine’s bowievirus photo series are now put on display at the institute of contemporary art. the exhibition opens wed – apr 24 [7pm-9pm] and will actually be sims’ first solo exhibition in the u.k. in fifteen years. the showcase also consists of a series of new works that further develop the images and ideas originally addressed in the issue. location: the mall [whitehall].



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