Malin Akerman #Photos

Malina Akerman

Malina Akerman

Malin Maria Akerman was born in Stockholm,

Sweden on May 12th, 1978. A career opportunity for her father would motivate him to move his family to Canada

when Malin was just two years old.

Bright and captivating Malin began modeling and doing television commercials at the early age of five.

The separation of her parents a year later would initiate an early independence coupled with a sensitivity for the arts.

 At 17 she won the Ford Supermodel of Canada search, and interest from international agents led Malin to spend her summers in Europe modeling until she finished high school.

She persued a successful modeling career for several years, only to need an eventual break from it which brought her back home to Toronto to York University; an experience which quickly inspired her to get back into acting.

A guest star role in a Steven Speilberg television show would come next. Along with the realization that acting was her true passion. Several guest and supporting roles would ensue, and in 2001 she was flown to L.A to screen test for

a Disney movie. She didn´t get the part(!) but signed with a 
distinguished manager in California.

 Since then Malin has been working consistently and is slowly becoming a household name in Hollywood.





Photos of Malin Akerman

Photos of Malin Akerman

010 98095_kaneda_MalinAkerman_EliasTahanshootforDirrtyGlamAugust2010_8_123_499lo 148638842 esq-malin-akerman-hot-1009-lg Malin Akerman in Maxim US Magazine May 2012-01-520x750 malin_akerman Malin_Akerman_in_La_Perla_bikini_on_Shape_Usa_June_2012_sq Malin_Akerman_Wallpaper_2_by_ChristopherNeil Malin-Akerman2 malin-akerman-1280x960-35369 malin-akerman-20080422-403337 Malin-Akerman-Maxim-1 Malin-Akerman-Maxim-6 Malin-Akerman-Maxim-US_thumb Malin-Akerman-Shape-Magazine-1-756x1024 O26861-1920x1200

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