Sylvie The Muse – Eros & Art

Hi, my name is Sylvie. I’m a model, an actress, a muse, friend and lover … and I do love anything related with eros and artand yes I do LOVE sex 🙂

An erotic art collection and private life drops of the amazing and sexy Sylvie Deluxe


vrc_pedro_saudek_sylviedeluxe_a_warm_place_002 vrc_pedro_saudek_sylviedeluxe_blacknwhite_magic_008 vrc_pedro_saudek_sylviedeluxe_down_to_love_001 vrc_pedro_saudek_sylviedeluxe_la_dolce_vita_011 vrc_pedro_saudek_sylviedeluxe_painting_with_mia003 vrc_pedro_saudek_sylviedeluxe_the_first_of_spring_004 vrc_pedro_saudek_sylviedeluxe_true_romance_002 vrc_pedro_saudekc2012_sylviedeluxe_breathe_in_now_020 vrc_pedro_saudekc2012_sylviedeluxe_hot_rocks_015 vrc_pedro_saudekc2012_sylviedeluxe_hot_rocks_019

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