Yann Tiersen & Friends – Black Session [Full]

Subido por  el 01/01/2012

SET LIST [With Chapter Selection]

0:00 – Sur le fil
2:30 – Geronimo [Neil Hannon – Sung by Neil Hannon]
4:29 – Life on Mars [David Bowie – Sung by Neil Hannon]
7:45 – La Rupture – [Sung by Claire Pichet]
10:33 – Monochrome – [Sung by Dominique A]
14:02 – Les Bras de mer [Dominique A – Sung by Dominique A]
17:31 – Roma amor [The Married Monk – Sung by Christian Quermalet]
21:47 – Tout est calme [Sung by Yann Tiersen]
25:19 – À ton étoile [Bertrand Cantat/Noir Désir – Sung by Bertrand Cantat]
29:08 – Les Forges [Dominique A – Sung by Françoiz Breut]
33:09 – La Noyée
35:40 – Ginette [Christian Olivier/Les Têtes Raides – Sung by Christian Olivier]
40:10 – La Terrasse [sung by Yann Tiersen]
43:39 – Bon voyage” [Mathieu Boogaerts – Sung by Mathieu Boogaerts]
45:52 – Rue des Cascades [Yann Tiersen/Claire Pichet]
51:26 – Le Quartier

All songs written and composed by Yann Tiersen except where noted.

Full concert of Yann Tiersen and his friends called Black Sessions, All right reserver @ Radio Frances, Paris.

DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement, just for entertainment and cultural purposes.


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